Upd. JUN 8, 2021

Why $Clubrooms

Elevator Pitch

Clubrooms is a real-time video streaming platform that enables creators to host private chats, conferences, and exclusive events for their Creator Coin holders.

Executive Summary

Built with the Twilio Programmable Video SDK and deeply integrated with the BitClout blockchain, Clubrooms is a real-time multimedia streaming platform that gives users the ability to create private video or audio chat rooms where entry can be based on criteria like the amount of a certain Creator Coin that an attendee owns.

Each Room consists of a “Stage” and “Audience” and has a maximum capacity of 50 participants. When a user is invited to occupy a Seat on Stage they are able to broadcast video, while members of the Audience are able to spectate the Stage and interact in a private text chat.

Clubrooms enables participants to create meaningful interactions with BitClout. Users can use the Diamond mechanic to tip participants in real time without leaving the platform, as well as follow other users and send private messages. A host may restrict access to a Room and/or Stage based on the amount of their Creator Coin held by prospective participants.

Why hold the $Clubrooms coin

Initially people will hold the $Clubrooms coin for early access to our platform. After launch, we will reward holders with elevated access to the Clubrooms platform including larger rooms for hosts, and by giving audience members extra perks when using the platform. 


Daniel Kempe - Product Owner, Design, Branding, Partnerships

Peter Day - Lead Developer, Backend Development

Mubashar Iqbal - Frontend Development, BitClout Integration

Paul Burke - Product, Frontend Development, BitClout Integration

Matthew Spurr - Marketing, Copy, SEO, Content, Business Development

Manu Srikumar - Partnerships, Customer Development & Success

Relevant information

BitClout Handle: @ClubRooms

Project URL: www.clubroo.ms

Product: A live video streaming platform, like Zoom, that is exclusive to creator coin holders and native to BitClout, so you can send diamonds or tip with $CLOUT. 

Utility: $Clubrooms Coin holders will receive early access to our beta product. Once launched, coin holders will have perks on the platform such as exclusive emojis, UI customization and bigger rooms.

Business Model: Eventually, hosts pay to use the platform and pay based on number of coin holders. 

Market: Creators that want to interact with their coin holders and give utility to their coin. 

Customers: Creators who want to add utility to their coin.

Growth: They’ll grow their customer base because there are so many different use cases for the video live stream platform.

Hold $clubrooms for early access

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