CLUBROOMS for bitclout

Video/audio rooms exclusively for your coin holders

Hold $clubrooms for early access

Host private rooms exclusively for your coin holders

Up to 9 on stage

Involve up to 9 video participants on stage that are all visible on one screen.

Invite your coin holders

Invite up to 41 of your coin holders along for the ride. They can support participants on stage and fellow audience members with BitClout tipping.

Video & Audio

Host both video and audio rooms.

Live chat

Live chat with tipping included for audience participation.

Encourage more people to hold your coin

By providing exclusive content only available to your coin holders, you'll encourage more people to join in for the ride.

Be influential

Leverage Clubrooms to host, meet and inspire the BitClout community.

Ways you could utilise a clubroom

Webinars, AMA's or Q&A's with guests, lectures, interactive webcasts/podcasts, live gaming streams, planning meetings with creators, water-cooler chit-chats, focus groups, open debates and more...

Powerful BitClout first integration

Login with BitClout No need to share your seed with us, just login with your existing BitClout account and start hosting public/private video/audio rooms for your holders.

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Product, Frontend Development, BitClout Integration


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